Classical Education Meets Charlotte Mason


An academically strong program following the stages of a child’s cognitive development yet child sensitive, gentle, creative and fun.

We took our daily lesson plans with helps and suggestions and made them available to you, saving you a huge amount of time.  Now you can spend your time teaching and enjoying your children.


Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

Imagine sitting down to teach your children with a daily planner in front of each of them.  The books and resources they are using are fun, interesting and thorough. You know that they are learning everything they need for their grade and more. When they are done with a subject, they check it off their planners and go on to the next.  Suddenly you realize that school is actually fun and not a chore. After a few days, the routine becomes second nature.

My goal as a home educator was to bring the above paragraph to life. To reach that point took many years of teaching, beginning when my oldest (now in his twenties)  was in Kindergarten.  I tried out many different books and curricula on him and my five other children and have found that being new to home education meant wasted money and time on materials that either didn’t cover a subject thoroughly or were just plain boring.  Since I believed that planning is essential in order to reach certain educational goals and objectives, I developed my own daily lesson plans. I have found, integrated, and successfully used great resources. Camrose Academy hopes to save other families many of the financial and educational blunders that I have made, as well as the time of writing out daily lesson plans.


Why Classical?
By Wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established;
and through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.
Proverbs 24;3,4

Anything that is classical has withstood the test of time. The classical approach to education was developed centuries ago in ancient Greece and Rome and then throughout the Western world.  America’s founding fathers all had classical educations. In our opinion, the classical education gives children the intellectual, moral, and character foundation to be a positive influence on their world. The core of classical education is the trivium.  The trivium tailors the curriculum subject matter to  the natural mental development of children.   In grades 1-4, the emphasis is on concrete thinking and memorization of facts (knowledge). There is a strong emphasis on the basics such as grammar, writing, and math in which we use a multi-sensory approach.  History includes American, and World History, with focus on Western Civilization. The logic stage (grades 5-8) begins when your child starts to connect the facts he has learned and discovers relationships among them (understanding). This is the questioning, analyzing stage that leads to abstract thought. The rhetoric stage (grades 9-12) will further teach analytical thinking, understanding of subjects, abstract thinking, and articulation of the subjects (wisdom). At the current time, we are focusing our curriculum on the grammar and logic stages grades 1 through 6, and are working on Jr. High grades. Camrose Academy uses many Christian resources because we believe that God was involved in history and is still involved in His creation. We have a Christian worldview and we want to pass it on to our children.


Why Charlotte Mason?

Charlotte Mason was born in England in 1842 and was educated at home.  She was a devout Christian who spent her life teaching children and other women to teach using her philosophy.  Charlotte loved children and believed that they should be taught with respect and gentleness.  She believed in using living books, books about real people and things, and that children’s minds are fed on ideas. She also loved whole books and great literature.  She would have a child narrate or “tell back” to her the story she had just read aloud thus increasing the child’s attention span and making the story his or her own. We love this approach to education and used her methods successfully with our own children. She love to

When you combine Classical Education and Charlotte Mason you get an academically strong program using the various stages of cognitive development, yet child sensitive and gentle. Mix in a little fun and creativity and you get Camrose Academy Lesson Plans.



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